User Experience & Product Design

From fintech to broadcasting to tech giants and video game design, I have been there from the beginning. From HTML, iFrames, dialup and AOL chat rooms to web 3.0, social media, and AI generated artwork. My experiences range from once being the only designer in the room, to a rich & diverse world of design expertise. I am humbled to have helped build the infrastructure we so often take for granted today. Below is a glimpse into my history and how I helped these companies achieve their goals of better user experience.


User Experience Designer

From a full site migration to an interactive video game, digital at Scotia has transformed what it means to be a UX designer.

Corus Entertainment

Lead Design, Mobile & Web
2010 to 2016

Building digital fundamentals in a broadcast minded environment proved to be both fun and challenging.


User Experience Designer
2007 to 2009

Humble beginnings as a graphic designer and front end developer to the introduction of user experience practices and the creation of an in-house design studio.